Roma women from three different countries (Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus) united into Regional Network of Romani Women in 2019 to fight against social exclusion, lack of political participation, unequal access to employment and gender discrimination.

While some progress has been made in recognizing the multiple discrimination of Romani women and girls and the inequalities they face in their access and distribution of resources and public services, the status of Romani women and girls in the Region prevents policy makers and human rights advocates from devising viable and meaningful policies and measures for the advancement of Romani women’s rights and of their situation at local and national level.
We acknowledge that investment is needed to empower Roma women, particularly young women, to promote and ensure their full and effective participation in all areas of public policy. In this regard we propose that the appropriate national authorities and institutions of Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus encourage Roma women, those young women in particular, to obtain higher education and training, and invest in education and training of Roma women in key domains, including public administration, governance, law, healthcare and social services.
We call on government of the three countries to fulfill all international obligations in the area of combating racial discrimination and gender inequality
We commit to jointly work on stimulating national authorities and allocating adequate human resources, for the implementation of policies for improving the situation of vulnerable Roma women and men and enhancing equal rights and opportunities for Roma women.
We recommend to all stakeholders at national and Regional level too design gender-sensitive objectives for post-2020 Roma Strategy and to promote rights of Roma women.